Who is Eligible?

Hospice of Chesterfield County offers home-based hospice care for residents of Chesterfield and Marlboro counties (including assisted living centers, nursing homes and hospitals). If the patient is not a resident of one of these two counties, Hospice of Chesterfield County also welcomes patients whose primary caregivers are residents of Chesterfield or Marlboro County.  Care is available to people of all ages who have a limited life expectancy of six months or less (as determined by their physicians when the disease progresses as expected).

Hospice emphasizes palliative care (pain relief & symptom control) rather than curative treatment, choosing quality rather than quantity of life.  The patient and family must want services provided by Hospice of Chesterfield County and have a commitment to caring for the patient, either at home or in a designated place of residence. They must also be willing to work with our Hospice team.

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