When Should Hospice Be Considered?

At any time during a life limiting illness, it is appropriate to discuss health care options including Hospice of Chesterfield County. Understandably, most people are uncomfortable with the idea of stopping an all-out effort to “beat” their disease. Hospice of Chesterfield County team members are highly sensitive to these concerns and are always available to discuss health benefit options. The patient and family should feel free to discuss Hospice care at any time with a physician or other healthcare professional. However, a physician is not the only one who can make a referral.  Anyone may call Hospice - the patient, a family member, clergy or even a friend. Once it is determined that the patient is eligible for Hospice care, comfort care will begin. Anyone interested in making a referral or obtaining additional information about Hospice of Chesterfield County may call our offices Monday through Friday. Click here for contact information.

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